Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Coaster Lid

When you saved that plastic lid from a can of nuts.

Drinking the recommended daily amount of water is healthy for you but when a water trail is left on your desk- *ponder*...

So I ran into this problem and at first I was going to buy a coaster but then I realized that; I'm environmentally friendly, I could save money, and that this was an opportunity to upcycle!

A few months back I saved a lid from a can of nuts because I wanted to upcycle it but at the time I wasn't sure how I would reuse it. After seeing the trails of water on my desk, everything just clicked.

The lid makes a perfect coaster and if you think something might try to fly into your cup of water then this lovely upcycled coaster becomes a lid (again).

These types of lids come on more than just cans of nuts and they also come in a variety of colors.

A simple, pleasing, and great blessing this is. Actually it's much more than three blessings in one; there's enjoying the nuts (or whatever snack you have), then finding it to be a desk saving solution and another yet again it is another solution if there is an insect flying near your cup of water.

All praise and thanks to the Creator of all that exists for granting mankind this wonderful provision!

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