Sunday, September 16, 2012

A built in solution for desk clutter.

A small desk with a lot of opportunities.
Although I actually have a large desk but I decided to disassemble the bulk of it because I was not planning on using it in this room.

Having a small desk is an invitation for limitation and in this case it was hard to put several necessities on my desk without running into the issue of overcrowding it.

However, the resolution to what appeared to be a problem was actually easy to come by because I ended up finding my solution already built into the desk.

A nice opportunity to reuse a tissue box.

The desk has four legs and on the left side as well as on the right side there are reachable rails near the top which connect the legs together.

I had this desk for at least two years and at first when it was fully assemble it was so large that I never thought of the possibility of utilizing the side rails. But limiting the size of my desk helped me actually expand my options.

It took a few tries before I found a tissue box with the right size and nowadays I reuse the same tissue box and I just refill it when needed.

The tissue box had to fit tightly in between the rail and the wood without falling out but it had to be just the right size so it wouldn't be impossible to take it out from the space.

Additionally, I've used the side rails to hold; headphones, a phone charger wire, and a small towel. The rails are magnetic and at one point I had my magnetic mirror on it.

This was an ingenious idea for keeping the clutter off my desk and this side rail solution doesn't interfere with leg room either so everything has worked out comfortably.

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