Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fixing a broken mouse-pad by breaking it even more

I wasn't using a mouse-pad so my desk started to get scratched up.

One day I happened to be cleaning out a closet when I found a mouse-pad but the only problem was that the textured surface was bent so the mouse-pad wouldn't sit flat on the desk. So I broke off the textured surface and was left with the white pad.

As it turns out, the white pad actually works just fine as a mouse-pad. The mouse rolls nice on its smooth surface and although there is a little indent on the right of it, that doesn't affect the rolling of the mouse in any way.
The white color was good enough for me but I flipped the mouse-pad over and because the backside of it did not look as nice I had decided to take a black dry erase marker and color the entire thing to make it look more uniform. However, the mouse-pad won't sit still when it is flipped over because the opposite side is to smooth for the desk. But it is likely that the marker will work on the white pad, the dry erase marker has not rubbed off the backside of the mouse-pad.

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